Chris Brown Denied Entry From Japan Over Pending Gun Charges

Japan does not want Chris Brown.


Chris Brown’s shows in Tokyo next week are in jeopardy after Japanese officials denied Brown’s application to enter the country on a working visa.

According to TMZ, officials are concerned about Brown’s pending gun charges. Last month, Brown allegedly pointed a gun at a woman’s face in his Los Angeles mansion. He was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon following on hours-long standoff with police. Brown claims the woman fabricated the story. His attorney claims that police didn’t find any weapons during their search of his home, and that authorities are dragging the case because they haven’t yet found a case against Brown.

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Last year, Australia attempted to deny Brown’s visa application due to his history of domestic violence. Japan apparently has a low tolerance for foreign visitors with “criminal backgrounds and open cases.” According to a source in Brown’s camp, he may reapply for a Japanese visa one more time before the tour dates, September 26th and September 27th.


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