Ciara Dropped Her Defamation Suit Against Future Because She’s Making Too Much Money

Ciara can’t make a case for defamation because she’s doing better than she was before Future trash-talked her.


Ciara is dropping her defamation lawsuit against Future under the best circumstances possible. According to TMZ, Ciara is actually making more money than she was back when Future, the singer’s ex and father of her child, made detrimental comments about her, including tweeting “This bitch got control problems.” Of course, the lack of damages means she doesn’t have a case for defamation.

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The judge actually decided that Future’s tweets could not be used in the suit a little while back, but either way, Ciara is throwing the defamation portion of the suit out, but she is still suing the rapper for portraying her in a “false light.” So Future is by no means off the hook here.

Meanwhile, Ciara married NFL star Russell Wilson this summer, has signed a modeling deal with IMG, and is currently working on a new album.


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