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Eminem Opens “Mom’s Spaghetti” Pop-Up Shop At Coachella

Eminem drops his favorite “Dad Joke” at Coachella.

Eminem may have toppled Post Malone’s good humor by making a self referential jump into food and hospitality. At last year’s Coachella, Post Malone brought along 10,000 biscuits and gravy from Popeye’s chicken for a staged event outside of his performance. This year’s big stunt was performed by Eminem, his ill-timed and more gripping sense of “disaster” reserved for a darker day.

Eminem opened a “Mom’s Spaghetti” kiosk at Coachella. The venture is an extension of the successful pop-up he debuted in Detroit this part year. “Mom’s Spaghetti” allows Eminem fans to revisit the rush of emotion associated with his iconic “Lose Yourself” record, while enjoying a helping of pasta in a Chinese take-out box. Customers have been urged to properly digest their food in lieu of it manifesting as vomit on their sweater.

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In relation to ordinarily exorbidant food and beverage prices at music festivals, “Mom’s Spaghetti” is priced along a sliding scale of options. For 9 bucks you get a spaghetti dinner, an additional 2 bucks gets you meatball toppings, and for 11 bucks flat your pasta dish gets reconstructed as a meatball sub comprised of garlic bread and mozzarella. Be sure to tune in for Eminem’s headline performance at 10:20pm on the main Coachella stage.

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