Fetty Wap Brings $165,000 In Cash To Court, Pays $360 Fine

Fetty Wap was called in to Cedar Grove Municipal Court today, where he was to pay a fine for 4 motor vehicle violations, including driving with tinted windows. To ensure he could be in and out as fast as possible, Fetty made sure to grab a wad of cash to settle up with the New Jersey court, rolling into the building with what he estimated was 165,000.

When the bills were drawn up, Fetty only needed to fork over $360, meaning his pockets were still pretty fat on his way out.

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Paparazzi greeted him on his way in, where he joked that the ticket was for a DWBAR — “driving while black and rich,” he said with a grin. He seemed pretty happy to pose for pictures with his wads of cash — who wouldn’t be?


[Via NorthJersey.com]

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