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Former Mobb Deep Manager Suing For $500K Over Unpaid Work

A production company that claims to have oversaw the careers of Havoc and the late Prodigy of the legendary Hip Hop duo Mobb Deep is suing the group, alleging that they are owed over $500,000 in unpaid work.

Buck 50 Productions claim they oversaw the careers of members Prodigy and Havoc from 2010 until P died at the age of 42 in 2017. The management firm’s lawyers state they are owed for tour booking costs, as well as payment for recording and endorsement deals they arranged.

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Havoc says the move was some “punk shit” and that Buck 50 never managed him in any way. The lawsuits didn’t begin until after Prodigy passed away last June.

“I ain’t worried about it, all my paperwork is in order and he was never my manager,” Havoc said.

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