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Game Found Liable In $10 Million Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

According to reports, Game was on the losing end of a $10 million sexual assault lawsuit.

Priscilla Rainey sued the rap star, claiming he sexually assaulted her while filming a scene in a Los Angeles bar for his reality dating TV show “She’s Got Game.”

She filed the lawsuit against Game in August of 2015, claiming he forcibly stuck his hands under her dress and fondled her one night as they were filming “She’s Got Game.”

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Rainey claimed the Compton native was “out of control,” intoxicated and under the influence of drugs when he tried to grope her.

The rapper denied the charges and claimed Rainey was an opportunist, alleging that she was a prostitute who was was arrested for theft.

Yesterday (November 18), after four days of testimony, a jury reportedly found Game liable for damages, although actual amount he may have to pay has yet to be determined.


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