LYRICS : Stiny Leo – Money Over Everything (R N S Cover)

Enjoy the lyrics to Stiny Leo’s version of Sarkodie’s RNS.

LYRICS : Stiny Leo – Money Over Everything (R N S Cover)

“Money Over Everything (R N S Cover)”

Get money, foos nyɛ me line

bend down boutique I shit on that

doe boy Leopard what you gotta say

rate wonyɛ type

Top Clique boss wonyɛ me type

side chick mpo wonyɛ ne gum

gush! your boys talk trash

rise! arise and shine

mine is all bout time

number nine bibiaa beyɛ fine

dabɛn ne okyena everyday mayɛ fine

Merɛ a menni hwee me nsa anka adwoa

Ɛnɛ ɛhyɛ me ho nti ɔtaa me ho sɛ hweaa

wo girl no pɛ doe hianiee gyina yie

kaprɛ nhye wo ho wosi d3n to wo pa

sika tɔ adwen ooo money is god

sika ma wogyimi nso wosuro a wonni

twi no meteoo na mmom doe sesakasa

ɛni woho a where is my money

wonti aseɛ charlie wose deɛn mpo

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Where is my money aaah wose Mummy

Opieeɛ akyɛooo

Sɛ wate aseɛ money is everything

Money money is everything

Money money is everything

money money over everything

Wo dii moo akyɛooo charlie deɛn ntia

fufuo mpo de3 ɛkyɛn three years

cus doe no yɛ small agye garibeans

Wo balling ways agye one tot, smart

deɛ wopɛ asrɛ deɛ ma sorti

Ma sorti ma chucki no rushing

am all bout money no talking

mee rocki and the haters tryna catch me

ma doge see u wanna be me

everything music Top Clique business

everything gangsta ATG

Life and money y’all already bet this

surprise God got me going

relax money is the shid

handsup go hard mad to the money

man for the money Gee for the money

sup to the beat one time sup to the beat



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