Police Reportedly Seized Security Footage That Caught Kim Kardashian’s Robbers On Camera

A security camera might have caught Kim Kardashian’s robbers’ reflections in a mirror, reports say.


We haven’t seen many new developments in Kim Kardashian’s robbery case, since the news first broke a few days ago. She hasn’t spoken out about what must have been a traumatic incident yet, although sources say she was “badly shaken but physically unharmed.” We did see her and Kanye out in New York shortly after the incident, flanked by many bodyguards, and Kanye went on to reschedule a couple of “Saint Pablo” tour dates in light of the events.

Today there’s a glimmer of hope that Kim Kardashian’s robbers will be caught, as video footage seized by Paris police reportedly show the reflection of Kim’s robbers in a mirror. The cops reportedly obtained footage from Bel Ange nail salon which was located beside Kim’s apartment. A camera in the store apparently faced a large mirror outside, and reportedly got a clear shot of the thieves as they escaped through that area.

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There is no surveillance footage from Kim’s apartment, however apparently there is also a second camera that might have caught the thieves, as they fled through a backdoor in a parking lot hallway.

We’ll keep you posted as the case develops.


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