The Game Suggests Meek Mill Beat Up Beanie Sigel In Philly Last Night

According to The Game, Meek Mill (or his crew) jumped Beanie Sigel in Philly last night. Both Philly natives recently appeared together on a diss track aimed at The Game.


Though the police killing of Terence Crutcher prompted The Game to have second thoughts about sparring with Meek Mill, it now seems that he’s fully committed to the beef once again. What’s more, he seems to have knowledge of a rupture in the Philly brotherhood between Meek Mill and Beanie Sigel, who both appeared, along with Omelly, on Meek’s “OOOUUU” remix, a response to The Game’s initial “92 Bars” diss. Game has since clapped back at all three Philly rappers with an “OOOUUU” remix of his own, which he titled “Pest Control.”Today, Game went back on Instagram to suggest that Meek and Sigel may now be on opposing sides. He apparently has intel of Meek (or members of Meek’s team) beating up Beanie Sigel in Philly last night. “So the young bull knocked out the old head cause he was drawn at the jawn,” says Game. Regarding the “jawn” he might be referring to, Sigel made a surprise appearance at The Bad Boy Reunion tour’s show in Philly last night and performed his 2001 single “Beanie (Mack Bitch).” Afterwards, Sigel told his hometown crowd, “The real king of Philly is back.” See footage below.

The Game was highly amused by Meek’s alleged sudden attitude shift toward Sigel, whom Game refers to as a “legend.” “Niggas went and got Beans on a song to diss me. That ain’t do what n*ggas thought it was gonna do,” explains Game, “so y’all went back and beat the legend up, man?”

A couple of days ago, The Game was in Brooklyn shooting the “Pest Control” music video, and it turns out he performed “Pest Control” later at a show in Reading, PA. “Fuck Meek Mill,” he told the crowd before dropping the diss track. He also made a special effort to stop in Meek (and Sigel’s) hometown while en route to Reading. He enjoyed a cheesesteak at the famed Geno’s Steaks, and after leaving the restaurant, he shared a video of himself listening to the same song Sigel would perform the next night.

Stay tuned as more information on the supposed brawl between the Philly rappers becomes available.
Source: HNHH

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