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Wait A Minute! Do You Know Walters Has What It Takes To Blast Into Fame?

On our search for finding young talented artists to push them on our strength it has always been on point as any artist we portray is applauded for having such a great talent.

Hailing from Takoradi-Effiakuma, biological name Derrick Walters with his stage name which is his last name ”Walters” is one of the most talented versatile young artists our satellite has ever captured.

Walters submitting his first song to us won the hearts of many as our loyal audience voted yes on his behalf, most of the feedback obtained from the song were mainly positive, which motivated us to dig into the insight of his career.

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He has recorded  couple of songs which are yet to flame into the air, all this while he had the production credits laid to Benchi; another great beat maker in the music industry. The songs which are yet to pop-out include To The Top, Come Give Me Love, and Warning.

We are looking forward for the possible time for the releasing, stay close as we keep you updated.

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