Watch: Black Coffee Slaps AKA’s Manager at DSTV irock festival in Limpopo | Check the Aftermath

So, I’ve been following twitter rants from South African rap artist AKA from last night (September 24 2016) on what prevented him from performing at the DSTV irock festival in Limpopo, an event he had been booked to perform.

Well, I tried to empathize with him till I read tweets from multi-award winning South African record producer and DJ, Black Coffee who was directly involved in the issue.

Zkhiphani narrates that Black Coffee lost his cool as he slapped AKA’s manager Tshiamo Letshwene on stage. According to them, AKA and his crew arrived two hours late for his performance and his band was trying to set up and do sound check during Coffee’s set, this did not sit well with Black Coffee as he got in a heated argument with Tshiamo, Coffee then decided to lay a hot one on Letshwene’s face, hitting him so hard to a point that his cap fell off his face.

Now that’s not so cool and as a DJ, I do understand. The least you want to do is to interrupt a DJs set. It’s either you get in early to finish with your set up or wait till he’s done.

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Before I continue anything, let me state that AKA and DJ Black Coffee are not in good terms already.

AKA responded with these tweets:


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