21 Savage Reveals Jay-Z's Reaction To Latest Interview
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21 Savage Reveals Jay-Z’s Reaction To Latest Interview



21 Savage always drops gems whenever he sits down for an interview. Most recently, he linked up with Math Hoffa & co. for the My Expert Opinion podcast and it seems that everyone was tuning in, including Jay-Z. 21 Savage went to his Instagram Story this morning where he shared a text message from Hov who broke down his favorite part of the interview.

“Top 3 things… They asked you ‘Why a doctor,’” Hov’s text begins. “Can’t make no money/or spend money without your health ! Ha[.] Freedom/lawyer/deals/lawyer[.] Doctor/health. Chef/quality of life !”

“He just told me his top three things that he spent his money on,” he said. “We ain’t really have no financial conversation. He just was like, ‘Chef’; I went and got a chef. ‘A doctor’; I went and got a doctor. And he said a lawyer; I already had a lawyer at the time.”

On the impacts of having a doctor and lawyer, he added, “I had a lawyer, but the chef, hell yeah ’cause I eat cleaner, I don’t really gotta leave the house as much. And the doctor is convenient too; I hate hospitals and shit, so it’s good to have on call.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, 21 Savage also detailed Jay-Z and Meek Mill’s involvement in getting him out of ICE Custody. Check the interview below.