50 Cent Celebrates 'Power' Stars Squashing Beef Ahead Of New Season
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50 Cent Celebrates ‘Power’ Stars Squashing Beef Ahead Of New Season

50 Cent Celebrates 'Power' Stars Squashing Beef Ahead Of New Season 1

50 Cent’s Power stars Joseph Sikora and Gianni Paolo have finally squashed their beef, and the rap mogul celebrated their peace talks on Instagram.

As the next season of Power Book II: Ghost gears up to premiere on Wednesday (December 7), 50 took to Instagram to revel in the news that his “boys” had finally “chilled out” following tension between the pair earlier this year.

“We good over here now,” he wrote in his Instagram caption under a screenshot of a headline about Sikora and Paolo’s reconciliation.


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The two actors appeared on the latest episode of The Crew Has It podcast alongside fellow Power star Michael Rainey Jr. on Tuesday (December 6), where they cleared the air on their long-simmering feud.

In a photo from the interview shared by Rainey on Instagram earlier this week, Sikora and Paolo can be seen hugging each other. “Wait what’s goin on here ? @thecrewhasit got answers Tomorrow 10AM,” Rainey captioned the flick.

50 Cent was singing a different tune just a few months ago. In September, heightened tensions between the two Power stars hit a boiling point in Houston, Texas, where 50 Cent and Joe performed the crime series theme song in front of a live audience.

Before running through the track, the duo invited a few cast members on stage, including Joseph Sikora and Gianni Paolo. In a video captured of the exchange, Paolo can be seen walking around the stage showing love to his colleagues, but is given the cold shoulder by Sikora when he goes in for a fist bump.

While it’s unclear where the colleagues’ issues initially began, Paolo took to social media shortly after the incident to air his grievances.

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“You pressed? I would be too,” Paolo said in a video posted to Instagram, adding in the caption that “some ppl are just insecure.” Sikora later responded in a comment posted to Hazel-E’s IG, claiming he and Paolo had worked out their differences, but Paolo refuted his claim.

“Listen I was gonna leave this shit alone but ppl keep sending me this and this dude just straight up telling lies,” Paolo responded. “It’s not ‘all good.’ I asked him in the elevator what his deal was with me cause he’s been doing this shit for years when I’ve shown nothing but respect and love. He kept just saying he doesn’t fuck with me. Nothing was resolved. Stop spreading lies cause people are pressing you about your saltiness.”

He continued: “Season 6 of Power he was the nicest guy in the world to me. Then when Ghost happened everything switched up. If you’re gonna try and pretend like shit is resolved for social media cause you’re mad everybody is asking why a 47 year old man is throwing shade at someone who everybody fucks with then at least do better then that my guy.”

When news of their beef spread, 50 Cent instigated things further and said Sikora should “sock” Paolo. “Oh shit, it’s up!” 50 wrote alongside a screenshot of Paolo’s lengthy post. “Now I never like to start shit but you should sock him Tommy. Wait I think this little n-gga Brayden got a knife. lol.”

While it’s nice to see Sikora and Paolo have worked out their differences, a separate rivalry is reportedly brewing between Michael Rainey Jr. and Lil Meech, with sources telling TMZ in September that both parties were aggressively tossing cash at each other during 50 Cent’s Houston Tycoon weekend.

A fight nearly broke out, but they reportedly were able to separate before it came to that.


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