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Adam Schefter’s Deshaun Watson Reporting Criticized By ESPN Employees

Adam Schefter's Deshaun Watson Reporting Criticized By ESPN Employees 1

Adam Schefter has found himself at the center of multiple controversies as of late. After the death of Dwayne Haskins, Schefter was scrutinized after an insensitive tweet where he claimed Haskins was most notable for not catching on in the NFL. It was very disrespectful and many took issue with just how insensitive the reporting was.

Now, it would appear as though Schefter is catching a bit of flack for the way he has spoken about the likes of Dalvin Cook and Deshaun Watson. The allegations against these men have been very serious, although Schefter’s reporting has oftentimes favored the players which has rubbed people the wrong way.

In a new profile from the Washington Post, Schefter was made aware that some ESPN employees have taken issue with Schefter’s reporting, with some saying that his work “reflected a failure to understand the sensitivity of domestic violence allegations.” Schefter responded to these allegations, saying “I’ve never put out information thinking I would get something back in the future. If people want to work with me, great. If not, OK.”

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Schefter has been known as an insider for years, and access is a huge part of his job. With that being said, many believe he is doing favors to maintain his status as someone who can get the inside info. Given recent controversies, it is easy to see why some ESPN employees would be offended.


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