Akademiks Responds After Blueface Challenges Him To A Fight
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Akademiks Responds After Blueface Challenges Him To A Fight

Akademiks Responds After Blueface Challenges Him To A Fight 1

Akademiks and Blueface might square up eventually following their back-and-forth.

Since the beginning of the month, the California rapper and the media personality have traded shots at each other. Ak’s criticized Blueface’s music career while Blue claimed he was wealthier. However, things continued to heat up after Blue took shots at Ak on No Jumper. Then, Ak revealed that Blueface’s $1.5M home is in pre-foreclosure.

Blue later explained that the pre-foreclosure Akademiks is talking about is his second home. He added that there have been many reports labeling the home a “nuisance” due to too many 911 calls.

After Akademiks brought up Blueface’s comments about Drake, the “Thotiana” rapper brought up Ak’s proposal to fight Lil Baby. “I’ll take da fade,” Blue tweeted alongside the clip.

“Bet not turn the fade down after you said all that for lil baby your next response better be yo best caught you Ina mouse trap now,” Blue added. The rapper previously showed out in a celebrity boxing match against Kane Trujillo. He’s evidently aiming for another round with Akademiks as his next opponent in line.

“Had all the energy for lil baby tho cuz said actually I’m not boxing you,” Blue continued. Blueface also shared a clip of Akademiks declining to fight the ATL rapper.

Though it took a minute, Akademiks eventually agreed to fight Blueface but under one condition. “Fight the 10 N***as who piped ya girl out + the the girl who keep beating ur ass and IM 100% DOWN,” Akademiks eventually tweeted in response.

Afterward, Akademiks said that he’s willing to take on Maury’s role and offer $50K for the paternity test.

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“I got $5 K per N***a who F*cked BLUEFACE girl who down to get on my twitch stream breaking it down how it happened,” Ak said. He also said that he’d include the paternity test. “F*ck maury. BIG AK finna do a paternity test for that broke Ass N***ga BLUEFACE . Im pledging $50k for this effort. WHO GOT BLUEFACE girl pregnant.”


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