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Akon Clowned For His Hair Piece

Akon Clowned For His Hair Piece 1

So many people online are clowning Akon for his hair in a recent picture with Fat Joe and Ja Rule in Dubai. Moreover, the aforementioned MCs posted a pic of them together on Instagram, although Akon hasn’t posted anything yet. While they couldn’t comment on his account, people took to other corners of social media to joke about the singer’s hairstyle.

Ja Rule captioned the pic with “Yesterdays Price… #ICONN #Vibes,” whereas Fat Joe wrote “DUBAI LEGENDS ONLY” and tagged his companions. Given that Akon recently criticized American performers, the link-up seems strange or, at the very least, random. Still, that’s not what people are saying about the post.


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Moreover, one user tweeted: “Rule got a thin crust mustache, Akon’s toupee is bananas and Fat Joe’s beard looks spray painted. My legends are aging gracefully.”

Furthermore, Twitter is full of gems like these. So many people are comparing his hair to Lego pieces, glued hair, hats, beanies, and making a whole host of other jokes. While many cooked him up in quote retweets, some made remarks about his recent controversial statements.

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“Seeing Akon’s hair makes all his dumb ass statements over the past few years make a lot more sense SMFH,” one user wrote. Moreover, he caught flack for suggesting that family events aren’t that important to attend when talking about Nick Cannon.

“Who gives a f**k about a recital?” Akon asked in an interview. “No, seriously. Listen, my job is to raise my kids, to be responsible, to be understanding, to protect their mother, to give a hand with their father, and to assist with family planning, and to be responsible adults.”

Furthermore, in the same conversation, he made the comments about Black American performers compared to African performers that caused outrage.

“[They’re] wobbling, pants hanging half down, bored as hell, half asleep ‘cause they high as hell on stage. But [in] Africa, we wake up in the morning. Look at these YouTube clips of all these kids from Uganda. Like these kids are performers. So for us, it comes natural.”

Still, what do you think of Akon’s crazy hair that has people in tears on Twitter right now?



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