Alexis Skyy called out the father of her daughter, Lay Lay, for being a “dead beat waste man,” during a recent Q&A on Instagram.

When asked whether Lay Lay has a good relationship with her father, Skyy remarked: “That man is a dead beat waste man. So sad but he neglects her.”

As for how she deals with not having Lay Lay’s father in her life, she explained: “I just stay strong as a mother & do what I need to do no excuses. One thing for sure God don’t like ugly.”

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For a long time, Skyy claimed that Fetty Wap was the father of Lay Lay; however, in December 2020, Brandon Medford was revealed to be the girl’s true biological father. Skyy later confirmed the report and revealed that she asked him to take a paternity test years ago.

“I was just shocked and then I was actually excited to know that I do have a little girl in this world and I can become her father,” Medford said in an interview on Kitchen Talk at the time.

Even then, Skyy said his comments were “cap” and labeled him a “fraud.”

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