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Another pastor caught doing hard after church service

The world is indeed getting to an end, watching several videos of some of the so called men of God harassing women on all grounds claiming it to be prophetic. Atlantic Pastor Wilson also had his share of the cake as he was caught live on video having it well licked with a church member.

Another incredible incident has just happened in Nigerian when a man who has served his church with solid five years has only come to his house to  meet his Pastor doing miracles in his wife’s mortar. Many of such incidents have been happening and it’s just so ugly to witness it happened.

Sources close to the victim said the incident happened when the husband has told his wife that he is travelling to the village to take care of his sick mother, but he will only be back after five days. He left the house and so unfortunately for both the woman and the pastor he returned to his house within just two days.

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On his reach to the house, he knocked the door for so many times but no one answered upon his wife notifying his footsteps. He then pushed the door hardy, and after entering the room he met his wife and the pastor in his own bed room with a lot frightening with both pants down.

We have the video with us but our guidelines and policies won’t permit us to share.

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