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“Avatar 2” and “Titanic” Fight For Third Spot On All-Time Box Office Chart



The re-release of Titanic in 3D has brought the movie’s gross box office earnings to $2.217 billion globally. This means that it still stands as number three in the top worldwide releases of all time. Avatar: The Way of Water is coming closely behind at 2.213 billion. It is still the fourth movie on the list of top worldwide releases, but the gap between the films is smaller than ever at just $4 million through Sunday. The Avatar sequel will surpass Titanic, it is just a matter of when. Regardless, James Cameron owns the box office once again. Titanic‘s rerelease has earned $22.3 million and Avatar: The Way of Water has earned $25.8 million.

As far as the international box office goes, Avatar: The Way of Water has had a 35% drop in 52 material markets for an additional $18.8 million. It is still the number one non-local grossing title in France, Germany, Spain, and several other countries. The top five grossing markets are China ($242.6 million), France($144.9 million), Germany ($135 million), Korea ($106.9 million), and the UK ($89.7 million). When it comes to IMAX, Avatar: The Way of Water has hit $252.2 million in its final weekend. The film’s international cume is $164.6 million. This includes $52.2 million (the second-highest IMAX result ever) from China.

Avatar: The Way Of Water

Like Avatar: The Way of Water, Titanic‘s rerelease for the film’s 25-year anniversary had impressive numbers. The film was number one in Italy, Belgium, Bosnia, Slovenia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Central America. Additionally, it made $15.9 million internationally from 51 markets. It also debuted in the Top 4 in Korea, Japan, India, Spain, Mexico, the UK, Australia, France, Germany, Brazil, and more. Korea ($2.5M), France ($1.6M), Mexico ($1.2M), UK ($1M), and Japan ($1M) were the Top 5 booking passages. Additionally, IMAX generated $2M globally.

The media is buzzing about Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania‘s global release this coming week on February 17. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever rolled out in the PCR starting on February 7 after a long break from Marvel movies in the market. It grossed $12 million across its extended opening session. Black Pather: Wakanda Forever was never expected to be the high-grossing Marvel return that it was. However, the film’s international cume is now at $401.4 million for $885 million globally.