Big Brother Titans: Sandra, Theo Evicted After Nine Days In Biggie’s House
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Big Brother Titans: Sandra, Theo evicted after nine days in Biggie’s house

Big Brother Titans: Sandra, Theo evicted after nine days in Biggie’s house 1

Big Brother Titans continue to make headlines after the show’s most explosive week, which was a mix of everything – from twists to fights and spicy romantic triangles.

After last week’s twist, where Big Brother paired the housemates as male and female from opposite countries in a sink-or-swim tie, the show has only gotten hotter.

During the season’s third live show on Sunday evening, the pairings also gave fans the season’s first double eviction – the SanTheo pair.

SanTheo – made up of Sandra and Theo, two housemates who were part of Biggie’s first twist, said goodbye to other housemates as they bowed out of the competition and the race for $100,000.

After the usual trip down memory lane, reviewing the week’s activities from the HOH game, wager, fights, and the Saturday party, Ebuka and Lawrence dived straight into the post-eviction talks. All nominated housemates – Juiovla (Juicy J and Olivia), Juvonne (Justin and Yvonne), Yelisa (Yemi Cregx and Nelisa), and SanTheo, were put on the chopping block. First, Ebuka declared Juiovla safe and allowed the rest to stew.

After discussing with Blaqboi and Ipeleng (Blaqleng) about their reign as joint HOH, it was time to send one pair home. However, Blaqboi first noted that their tenure appeared chaotic because their honeymoon phase (the first week) was over, and tempers continued to rise.

He predicted that every other HOH pair would deal with similar circumstances but conceded that he found the fights entertaining.

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Ipeleng, on the other hand, decided to play it safe and refused to directly answer Ebuka when he asked her which of the ladies she thought had spoken ill about her for enjoying the HOH room two weeks in a row. She said she didn’t want to jeopardise the new relationships she was forming with the housemates.

When Ebuka returned to the issue of evicting a pair, he sadly asked Sandra and Theo Traw to leave the house immediately. During Lawrence’s chat with Theo, the fashionista noted that he was not surprised to have been nominated as he did not form enough bonds in the house. He told the South African host that he enjoyed being friends with Jaypee and would continue making his music out of the house.

Despite her short stay in Biggie’s house, Sandra seemed to be in a much better mood than Theo, saying, “Everyone will eventually come out.” She told Lawrence she believed the other ladies, like Khosi and Nelisa, found her to be a threat, but she’s glad about her gameplay while in the house.

To end the show, Ebuka and Lawrence reminded the housemates that they have numbered days in the Big Brother Titans house, and they should step up the drama and sleep less. Ebuka, however, left fans with a big question – What Nigerian name do we give Lawrence Maleka?

The Big Brother Titan housemates, comprising of Nigerian and South African housemates are to stay in the house for ten weeks and contest for a $100,000 grand prize.


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