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Biggest musical beefs of 2020 we’ll never forget

The Ghanaian entertainment industry is no exception when it comes to drama, with each passing year throwing up all kinds of musical feuds.

The feuds, usually start as disagreements between these entertainers and are often triggered by a variety of reasons including failed business relationships, friendships, betrayals, and so on.

While some of these “beefs” were as a result of mere pettiness, others have turned really ‘dirty’.

Nonetheless, there are suggestions that some of these feuds are staged so the personalities involved would uplift or maintain their relevance in the industry.

As the years comes to an end, let’s take a look at a compilation of beefs by some Ghanaian musicians this year

Sarkodie and Gasmilla

The controversy between these two first started when Gasmilla, who claims to be the godfather of the “azonto” movement, fired shots at Sarkodie for starting an agenda to bring back the once-popular music genre.
According to him, azonto never died, hence it does not need any revival as Sarkodie puts it.

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There have been instances where Gasmila has claimed to be the “torchbearer” of ‘Azonto’ music and not Sarkodie as many people are trying to claim.
According to reports, Gasmilla recently felt offended for not been called to join the #BringBackAzonto campaign, a movement started by Sarkodie to gather artists who have been pioneers of that music genre.

But Sarkodie, on the other hand, denied ever claiming to be the originator of Azonto.

In an interview with Andy Dosty, he stated that joining the #BringBackAzonto campaign is not an obligation.

Source : Ghanaweb

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