Blac Youngsta is facing a lot of backlash following the release of his new song and music video, “I’m Assuming.” The rapper seemingly disrespects Young Dolph, whom he had beef with for years prior to the rapper’s murder, by rapping in a graveyard in front of a tombstone that says Dolph’s family name.

Young Dolph, real name Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., passed away last month after being shot at his favorite bakery in Memphis. Dolph had real issues with Yo Gotti and Blac Youngsta during his career. Five years ago, Youngsta allegedly fired 100 shots at Dolph’s car, which Dolph avoided and survived. Following Dolph’s death last month, it didn’t take long for Blac Youngsta to start acting out, recently performing his diss track against the rapper at a concert and sharing his new music video, in which he disrespects Dolph some more.

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As many hip-hop fans have pointed out, Youngsta spends much of his new video inside of a graveyard. While he spends time in front of numerous headstones, he seemingly lingers in front of one, as pointed out by DJ Akademiks. The rapper was pictured in front of a stone that reads “Thornton,” which just so happens to be Dolph’s family name. It’s unlikely that this was a coincidence, given their history together and Youngsta’s recent disses.

Do you think he went too far? Check out the video below.