If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed with Bobby Shmurda, it’s that he’s going to pull out a little dance every once in a while. The “Hot N***a” artist has an array of dance moves in his arsenal and since his prison release, he’s been showing them all off on the ‘Gram. Despite a lack of new music from the New York rapper, save for a couple of features, Bobby has been keeping his fans on their toes as to when he plans to officially return to the scene. He hasn’t offered much of a hint as to when he’s dropping, but at Rolling Loud, he premiered new music, and this week, he showed off his new dance.

The sassy moves have been described as “zesty” by fans who have been doubting Bobby’s sexual orientation as of late, but it looks like he’s genuinely just having a lot of fun being a free man. Still, people are speculating that the rapper may have an announcement coming soon about his personal life and his sexual preferences because of this dance video, as well as his recent twerking on stage.



“He been doing weird shit since he got home,” wrote one of the top commenters on The Shade Room’s video post. “He used to be a hot n***a now he js a hot girl,” joked another. “Yeah I think it’s official now lol I think I seen enough,” said another person, seemingly coming to the conclusion that Bobby is discovering himself post-prison.

Check out some of the comments underneath the video below.