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Bride arrives at her wedding in a coffin

A lot of bizarre things are going on out there. Yesterday, it was a dead person getting buried with a beer bottle coffin.

Today, a yet-to-be-identified lady is in the news for appearing at her wedding ceremony in a coffin.


The coffin was brought to the wedding reception with a man dancing beside it. Everyone was seen with a camera waiting for whatever the surprise is to come out.

And to the least of their expectation, the bride of the moment emerged from the coffin dancing with all joy.

Watch the video below:

Some details of the wedding are still unclear at the time of filing this report. However recall that a 58-year-old bride, Jenny Buckleff pulled the same stunt in 2018 by also showing up at her wedding in a coffin.

She said she did it because she wanted to be different.

Jenny said ‘I just wanted to do something a little bit different. Instead of turning up in a horse-drawn cart, I thought I’m going to turn up in a coffin.”




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