Britney Spears shared photos on Instagram, Friday, from Maui where she appears to be vacationing with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

The first post shows Asghari showing off her favorite cocktail, a picture of a “rare white owl,” and a video of herself rocking a pink bikini at the beach.

“It’s the little things you know … my favorite drink and the beach in Maui … GOD I LOVE YOU ALL ….. have a brilliant day my friends,” she captioned the post. “Pssss check out the statue of the rare white owl … I saw it this morning !!!! Before I saw it, a beautiful little boy with white blond hair who was two years old screamed at his mamma because he wanted his drink with a straw … it was the most adorable thing ever cause he reminded me of my boys when they were younger !!!!”

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Spears also posted another video of herself topless, marking the fourth time she’s done so this week.

She also declared on her story that, “If standing up for yourself burns a bridge, I have matches,” according to TMZ

In the midst of a viral legal battle to get released from a conservatorship, Spears recently announced that she is quitting her Vegas gig and not doing any more live performances “anytime soon.”