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Cardi B Details Having Suicidal Thoughts: “I Wanted To Be Dead”



Cardi B Details Having Suicidal Thoughts: “I Wanted To Be Dead” 5

Hollywood Unlocked founder Jason Lee has set off a new venture with help from Cardi B. The Jason Lee Show arrives courtesy of Revolt and recently shared its premiere episode with the Grammy winner. This conversation was anticipated due to Lee and Cardi’s personal friendship, and the rapper detailing opinions that she may have otherwise avoided with other platforms.

There are several takeaways from Cardi’s interview, but fans paid close attention to her responses about ongoing harassment. “I’m afraid to be vulnerable because people wanna say, ‘Oh, you looking for sympathy,’” she said.

“In 2019, I really—I felt like I was like, somebody dead inside a body,” Cardi continued. “I kept telling people, ‘I just wanna die, I just wish I was dead, I wanna be dead.’”


She said she “couldn’t escape” her mind. Offset did his best to help by taking her away from the chaos, including a vacation to the Dominican Republic.

“People from my management was calling me,” Cardi also stated, noting they were concerned. “It was really bad. It’s terrible when people are making fun of you.”

Cardi brought up the false reports about her having herpes. This was later proven to be untrue in court, but the rapper said it was terrible seeing the world take the rumors as factual.

“I wasn’t a celebrity,” she added. “I was somebody that really wanted to be dead.” Cardi said during this time, it was difficult to be an attentive mother or wife. “It just made me cry. It was a point that I felt like I was so weak of a person that I was [too] weak to be a mom.”

Cardi B Details Having Suicidal Thoughts: “I Wanted To Be Dead” 6

During this time, Cardi shared that the public was simply under the impression she was “crazy” and “ranting.”