What do you get somebody who already has everything for their birthday? Money. That’s what you get them… Money. And a whole lot of it.

Atlanta rapper Offset celebrated his belated birthday this week at the club with his wife, New York rapper Cardi B. They arrived at the party with $100,000 in singles, ready to throw the cash out to dancers in their vicinity. However, that wasn’t all the money they walked in with. As a surprise gift to her man, Cardi B stepped out with a gigantic cheque, handing it to Offset for his 30th birthday. The amount was $2,000,000.

“Happy birthday!!!” wrote Cardi on Instagram, recounting the night with live updates to her story. “He literally got it all.”

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The $2 million gift was met with a huge smile from Offset, who will likely be spoiling himself before the end of the year. The party also included a custom wall of sneakers to celebrate ‘Set’s love for kicks. And this was only one of the parties that the couple held. As you know, they like to do birthdays big.

The generous gift from Cardi B was only the beginning of her money-throwing ways on Tuesday night. When they were throwing money into the crowd of people at the club, Cardi nearly tripped and had to regain her footing before continuing. Check out that video underneath the one below of Cardi gifting Offset $2 million.