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Cardi B & Offset’s Super Bowl Commercial For McDonald’s Celebrates Love



Cardi B and Offset’s Super Bowl commercial for McDonald’s was a wholesome and loving affair. Moreover, their signature McDonald’s meal (for two, obviously) will launch on Valentine’s Day. In the commercial, though, they are just one of many couples who talk about sharing and enjoying their food together. Of course, some of them have different takes on sharing fries than others. Still, even in the most stacked advertising night of the year, it’s hard to deny they stood out. Overall, it made for a tender and filling ad with a lot of heart.

During most of the commercial, the couples talk about what their partner wants. For example, Cardi B said that Offset always gets a Quarter Pounder and a Hi-C. “He a simple man,” she said as they sat together at a Mickey D’s table. Moreover, the other couples debated about getting “[partner] points” for letting them eat from their fries. “If it’s mine, it’s hers,” the Migo said. Surely, they’ll enjoy many more McDonald’s meals together, especially now that they have their own. if you’re curious, it comes with a cheeseburger, Quarter Pounder with cheese, and barbecue sauce. Also, you’ll enjoy a large order of fries, an apple pie, the aforementioned large Hi-C, and a large Coke.


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Furthermore, Cardi took to Twitter to excitedly gush about the ad. “Y’all saw our commercial? PARAPAPAPA I’m F*ckin him! …The CARDI & Offset meal is coming February 14 at your closest McDonald’s!!!” The fast food giant also had to hop on and give a little promo of their own. “Introducing the Cardi B & Offset meal, coming February 14,” they captioned a picture of them sitting with the bag in front of them. Oh, the McDonald’s bag, not the bag they got for participating in the commercial.


Meanwhile, Cardi B and Offset recently performed during one of the many Super Bowl parties this weekend. While they’ve been dealing with some unfortunate beef as of late, nothing does the trick quite like a shared meal to get their spirits up