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Cardi B Tells Bronx Rappers “Get Signed & Get The F**k Out”

Cardi B Tells Bronx Rappers "Get Signed & Get The F**k Out" 1


Different musical movements have been on the rise in New York, with drill music making waves right now. Some of the artists in the scene, though, despite their rising star power, have been keeping ties to the streets, seemingly causing problems for themselves while seeing success. Now, Cardi B has chimed in with some advice for artists from her hometown, the Bronx, New York.


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Recently, Cardi hopped on a drill record, as Kay Flock’s new song “Shake” has taken off. Since then, Cardi took to Instagram to speak on what she feels other Bronx rappers, especially those in the streets, should do to survive and see success like her. Cardi went on to say, “On some G s**t, yo, let me tell y’all lil’ n***as something… I know it’s a lotta smoke, I know how s**t goes. At the end of the day, do y’all music and get signed.” She continued saying, “Do your music, get signed, and get the f**k out the Bronx, because there’s only death and indictments out there.”

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The rapper doubled down on her thoughts, saying, “Get signed and then get the f**k out the Bronx. I don’t give a f**k who y’all is, who y’all f**k, what s**t ya jackin’—get signed and get the f**k out. I f**k wit’ y’all…you know why I f**k wit’ all of y’all? ‘Cause y’all getting the Bronx lit!”

Cardi then talked about other successful artists from the Bronx, like herself and A Boogie, and how the newer artists have the chance to put on for the Bronx even more. “You know, me and A Boogie and s**t, we became mainstream, but there’s always a borough that they got s**t going on, they got all the little s**t going on, but right now, the Bronx is really getting the s**t motherf**kin’ lit,” said Cardi. Take a look above.


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