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Charleston White has shared some words on what he thinks about Blueface and Chrisean Rock‘s wild and intense relationship.

During a chat with Akademiks for his Off The Record podcast, the YouTube personality dropped off some of his usual controversial takes, this time focusing on Blueface and Rock’s very public union. According to White, in order to deal with someone like Chrisean, one would need to assault her if she puts her hands on them.

“You kick her ass and leave her alone,” White said before Akademiks started accusing The Zeus Network — the app that houses Blueface and Chrisean’s Crazy In Love show — of bringing a whole level of ratchet vibes to the culture.

White said someone needs to treat Chrisean the same she’s doing Blue, and that’s with force. He said if she were going to hit him with a bottle of Hennessy the way she did earlier this month, he would go at her with a pipe. To further prove that point, White said he comes from a generation that handled things differently.

“Back then, you told the police man she done something wrong and you convince the police she done something wrong you get to whoop her again,” White said. “Equal opportunity, equal right, women want the same rights as men. It’s called mutual combative, if you hit me and I hit you and the police show up and we both agree to fight and nobody go to jail. Bitch if you hit me, I’m hitting you, now let’s tell the police we had a mutual combative, so don’t nobody go to jail. Bitch you hit me.”


Charleston White then went into the tumultuous situation between the couple and their parents, bringing up Blueface punching Chrisean’s dad in the face on an episode of Crazy in Love.

“We are turning a blind eye and we lack compassion because it’s happening to a Black man and it ain’t happening to a woman,” White said. “If it was the other way around there’s no way we would cheer this. We watched this chick split this man head open.”

He continued to say that Blueface doesn’t view himself in a positive light if he’s dealing with the aforementioned abuse and still having unprotected sex with her despite saying she’s allegedly slept with several men.

The latest chapter in the Blueface and Chrisean Rock saga has seen them tie the knot in a new music video for a track called “Dear Rock.”