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Chrisean Rock Buys Wedding Dress, Says She’s Getting Married



Chrisean Rock stopped by Anita’s Bridal Boutique in downtown Los Angeles to purchase a wedding dress and said she’s getting married tomorrow (Friday, January 27). Moreover, this raised a lot of eyebrows for fans, as her boo Blueface said he doesn’t want to get married. However, eyewitnesses said that Rock was still adamant about her big day.

Furthermore, onlookers spotted the social media star yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon at Anita’s. Apparently, Rock told staffers that she needed the perfect gown for Friday. So, if the math adds up, she looked for a bridal dress just two days before the big day. According to TMZ sources, she walked around before spotting a dress on a mannequin that called out to her.

Moreover, sources claimed that she tried the dress on one time, asked for no further alterations, and completed a down payment. Of course, dresses at an establishment like this aren’t cheap. Anita’s prices specifically range from $3.5K to $7K, so it seems Rock is serious about tying the knot. However, is this something her MC boyfriend agrees with?


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Although their relationship is hyper-visible and chaotic, they did recently open up to Jason Lee about their thoughts on marriage. While Blueface doesn’t believe in it, his flame said that he’ll marry her one day. It looks like that day has come. However, Rock didn’t specify who she was marrying, according to sources. Even though her and the California rapper seem chronically inseparable, they do like to play it up for the cameras. As such, we’ll see if there’s a betrothal announcement tomorrow or if she’s pulling another wacky move.


Also, Rock recently announced that she is pregnant, a claim that Blueface already relinquished responsibility for. Given the couple’s back-and-forth history, only time will tell.

Still, what do you think of Chrisean Rock buying a wedding dress and telling the store that she’s going to get married tomorrow? Whatever the case, let us know in the comments down below and make your predictions on this new relationship development.