Chrisean Rock Claims To Have Had Fertility Issues Due To Past Abortions With Blueface
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Chrisean Rock Claims To Have Had Fertility Issues Due To Past Abortions With Blueface

Chrisean Rock Claims To Have Had Fertility Issues Due To Past Abortions With Blueface 1

Recent antics between Blueface and Chrisean Rock have some fans begging for the problematic pair to call it quits for good. As the 26-year-old was celebrating his birthday this past weekend it certainly seemed that way. However, his on-again-off-again lover came to social media with news of a pregnancy and her plans to keep it.

In the past, the reality stars conceived multiple babies. Ultimately, though, the Baltimore native opted to have three abortions. At the time, she didn’t feel financially or mentally ready for one of life’s biggest responsibilities. Now that she’s “got [her] own money” and is something of a household name in the industry, Rock is ready to try her hand at motherhood – with or without her man.

Initially, Blueface promptly denied paternity on social media. “Me [and] Rock are officially done. It’s strictly business, I tried it [and] clearly it wasn’t giving. Before she announces… She’s pregnant with somebody else’s child, not mine,” he wrote at the time. Afterward, the “Thotiana” artist alleged that the 22-year-old “has had encounters with 10 different men in the last year.”

The notoriously toxic pair publicly went back and forth for some time. Afterward, a video of Chrisean presenting the birthday boy with a custom cake (which he didn’t hesitate to aggressively stab) later surfaced online.

Friday (January 20) night’s party is when things got really out of hand. In the early hours of the next morning, Rock randomly pulled up at the function following her and Blueface’s online beef. She wound up being knocked to the ground while fighting two other women. Ultimately, she left in a separate car from her Zeus network co-star.

Presently, the nature of the entertainer’s relationship is more confusing than ever. On Monday (January 23), the Baddies cast member hopped on Instagram Live. She and a female friend chatted as she got a few things off her chest.

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“It was a point when I wasn’t getting pregnant ‘cuz of how many kids I was killing,” Rock said, explicitly referring to her past abortions. “I kept getting pregnant and I kept aborting or I would take a Plan B. It was more that I didn’t do nothing, and I’m like, ‘Watch me get pregnant.’”

Apparently, the fact that she didn’t end up with child again was concerning to the young woman. “I went to the doctor and she’s like ‘You’re not fertile, so you gotta calm down with the abortions or you will not be able to have a baby.”

“I remember just praying one day, ‘Hey God, just know this time if you send me a blessing from heaven I’m gonna keep it,” Rock revealed. “And then, through the darkest time of my relationship or career, I got pregnant, and I’m not scared! I have my own money, my own name. I’m good, for real.”

Despite Chrisean’s comments about abortion and fertility, it’s worth noting that the NHS reports that, “having an abortion will not usually affect your chances of becoming pregnant and having normal pregnancies in the future. It may slightly increase the risk of the baby being born early in future pregnancies.”

Outside of her surprise pregnancy, the internet has also had a lot to say about the latest episode of Crazy In Love. If you didn’t tune in, the camera followed her as she sat down with Dr. Ish. The two discussed her traumatic childhood and subsequent toxic relationship with Blueface.


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