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Chrisean Rock Reflects On Her Anger Issues In Therapy: “It Is What It Is”



Since they first got together, Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s relationship has been nothing short of tumultuous. Luckily for them, it’s also made for entertaining reality TV, as we’ve seen play out on their Crazy In Love show.

With new episodes airing every Sunday, the on-again-off-again pair has brought plenty of eyebrow-raising antics to screens both big and small. Recently, there’s been plenty of feuding between the rapper and his mother, as well as the usual bickering between the starring couple.

This weekend, Blueface took it upon himself to suggest therapy for him and Rock. It’s no secret that the duo has had their share of physical altercations in the past, and their verbal abuse is, at times, near constant.

Though the 22-year-old was resistant to the idea at first, she eventually gave in and sat down with Dr. Ish for a candid conversation. In a video circulating online, the reality starlet alternates between sipping liquor and a red bull as her therapist speaks.

Initially, they discuss Blueface and Chrisean tells the doctor that he has “a great heart.” He responds by pointing out that her man’s lack of commitment seems to be a trigger point for her. “You’re in love, and when stuff happens that looks like it’s threatening that, it hurts your feelings.”


Dr. Ish then asks his client to elaborate on her “flip outs,” which are undeniably extreme sometimes. In response, Rock says that her behaviour is likely to have her put in jail.

“We want that to not happen, you know what I mean?” the therapist asks as the Baltimore native takes a shot. “But the type of n*gga he is,” she responds with a laugh, “it got to happen.”

“Does it though?” Ish questioned Rock. “I don’t know,” she says back. “Do you like it like that?” he asks her. “It is what it is,” she concludes.


In other news, Blueface was recently asked about his thoughts on Drake following Chrisean Rock. The 26-year-old claimed that the Canadian is “infatuated” with him, among other things.