It seems that whatever Coi Leray has done in 2021 has stirred up a commotion of some sort. Whether it be her viral hits like “TWINNEM” and “BIG PURR,” her album delays or her stepping out in saucy outfits, she has always garnered attention, and unwarranted hate at times.

Most recently in September for New York Fashion Week, Coi wore a scandalous top that exposed her chest area, but covered any potential NSFW parts. While she received some flack for this, it showed that she was confident enough in her body to wear what she pleases.

On Sunday (Dec. 26), Coi posted a TikTok where she addresses her critics and critics of all women’s bodies. As she twerks in a two=piece set of underwear, the reveling video sees her plead to fans to stop judging people’s bodies and appreciate how beautiful they are: “Let’s stop worrying about people’s bodies (in) 2022 & forever.”

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As she reposted the video onInstagram, she added a longer caption that shared the same sentiment, asking people to appreciate what used to be considered as flaws like cellulite and curves: “Don’t madder how natural she is, who her doctor is, if she has curves, cellulite, big small, round square, let’s just make it a priority to spread love and worry the fuck about yourself. Yuh. 2022 I’m excited.”

Coi seems to very comfortable with her body, and wants others to be in theirs. Check out her uplifting TikTok about body positivity below.