Numerous reports have been circulating surrounding rapper DaBaby over the last 24 hours. The artist was the victim of a home invasion at his North Carolina estate, although the intruder was ultimately shot in the leg and transported to the hospital. Based on the reporting around the shooting, it was made clear that everyone at the estate was cooperative with the police, and they also handed over evidence to the district attorney for further investigation.According to TMZ, sources are now alleging that DaBaby was the one who pulled the trigger on the intruder. As the story goes, DaBaby had words with the man and then shot him in his lower extremities. From there, the rapper called the police and explained the situation in detail.

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So far, no arrests have been made as authorities continue to investigate the circumstances of the shooting. In the meantime, however, DaBaby has taken to social media where he seemingly commented on the story, noting that he was upset to see his address get leaked online. These sorts of leaks have led to artist deaths in the past, and DaBaby is hyperaware of the consequences that can come from being doxxed.


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