The birth of DaniLeigh’s adorable baby girl was shrouded in controversy as it was rumored that DaBaby was the child’s father. The speculation ended up being legitimate but in recent months, the two new parents have had difficulty co-existing and co-parenting, oftentimes resorting to social media to express their issues with one another.

As they learn how to go on this parenting journey together, DaniLeigh updated her fans on her baby’s first year of life, sharing a new picture of her little one, who looks increasingly like both of her parents.

While it’s obvious that she would biologically take after her father and mother for her appearance, DaBaby’s baby with Dani looks like if you had mashed up the two rappers’ faces together. She’s got her dad’s serious eyes, as well as his nose. As for her mouth, she appears to have taken more after her mother’s side. And fans are remarking that the young child also has Dani’s ears.

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It’s clear from the photo that DaBaby has very strong genes but DaniLeigh clearly came through herself too. Do you think this cutie will grow up to become a heartbreaker like her parents?

A few weeks ago, Dani revealed that she and her daughter tested positive for COVID-19. Thankfully, they appear to be recovering after over ten days in quarantine.