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Darfel Cypher – Hard Vibes (Lyrics)

Ive been, awake all night,
And i think about, how to fill the vault.
With some million notes.
Pay the debt, buy ma mama home.
Put bae in shoes plus an i phone.
Sipping on bourbon homie.
Through the night, get some beat and put verse on it.
Get the rhino like a unicorn.
And then through the storm that ive been
griding on.
With ma blacky dork.
Took ma time yeah, study all the odds.
Hit it right, aint a dumbledore.
Wanna eat more with ma simple sauce.
Hide ma dick in a uniform.
And beat the game with a little force.
Live ma life like a little god.
Fly high while i stay in cot.

I grind today help lord
Cause The shit that i want imma go for.
Should i stay in bed no no
Every dime i need. Imma bleed for.

Ma mama in mind anytime i hold the mike.
Change ma sister’s life and buy ma nephew a bike.
And ill push for the benz and give Abbey a ride.
If i still got ma arms then im gonna shine for life.

I got ma plans right on test
I got a big gang on deck
Until that we break through, win through, yh we aint gonna bang our chest.

And i aint forgetting u ma bae, so i say
Thank ya for sticking with me.
Bigger stuff inna ma mind, so imma take this shit to new degree.
Up and planting a seed.
Throw all dem dice on me.
And even though u know i aint no khalid but i too i major the key.

Me im just trying to live
Get money boaa obi
Thats right homie
Get that money.

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