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DG3 Rappers Too Hot to Handle!


The sexy trio known as DG3 Rappers are getting ready to unleash their newest album, but not just yet! They have been creating a buzz around their newest member Ashley. She’s the sexy savage red head with looks to kill. The perfect combination for DG3 Rappers. Amber is the alluring blonde bombshell with the attitude that thrills, while Angelia is exotic intriguing Bruenette with drive and motivation you just cant stop!
The second upcoming album that is in the works is expected to be a huge success, according to inside sources.

There is still a lot of information that is still yet to be unveiled, but we know it all keeps us wanting more! The sexy trio you just can’t keep your eyes off of, just signed with a new record label, who’s name is still under raps for the current moment. We know we cant wait to see what this sexy trio has is store for this year.

DG3 Rappers has had a lot of success and amazing accomplishments in their careers so far, ranging from being on the cover of Hip Hop Weekly, International Music Magazine, to being featured on the cover of Strret Motivation Magazine with Krayzie Bone, from Bone Thugs and Harmony to working with Tupacs’ former multi – platnium producer Moe Z MD… Who’s also known as Moe Z Starr. Moe Z MD has worked with many celebrities such as Snoop Dog, Morris Day, and Tupac and was recently featured on the Jimmy Kimmel Show with Snoop Dog and Morris Day! DG3 Rappers have also been nominated for two consecutive years in a row, for the 2019 and 2020 SCM Awards for The Best Group of the Year and Best female Rap Artists of the Year!

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DG3 Rappers were competing against many great artists including City Girls, who worked with Cardi B, Asian Doll as well as Renni Rucci!

We cant wait to see what DG3 Rappers unwrap!

DG3 Rappers social Profiles
DG3 Rappers Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/_dg3_rappers
DG3 Rappers Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/DG3Rappers
DG3 Rappers Website – https://dg3rappers.com/

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