Doja Cat Responds To Illuminati Rumors: “Sh*t Is So Funny”
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Doja Cat Responds To Illuminati Rumors: “Sh*t Is So Funny”



Doja Cat says that the rumors she’s involved with the Illuminati are “so funny” to her. The Planet Her rapper addressed the situation in a series of posts on Twitter, earlier this week.

“This illuminati shit is so funny to me I’m gonna keep doing deliberate weird ass shit just to make those people uncomfortable. I’ve fr found a new outlet of joy,” Doja said in one tweet. She further wrote: “[P]laying with people’s ignorance and stupidity for my own happiness and personal gain >.” From there Doja joked that she’ll go as far as to get an Illuminati tattoo. When one fan countered with “You literally had an eyes wide shut theme for your birthday but okay,” Doja explained, “i know cuz that movie rocks and its the best party theme ever.”

As for music, Doja is currently gearing up for her fourth studio album. Speaking about the untitled project during a recent interview with Variety, Doja explained that she wants to go in a more “masculine direction.” In that vein, Doja says she’s been experimenting with a “hardcore punk sound. She further says it’s distinctly different from pop punk. Last year, she cited Machine Girl, Deli Girls, Orbital, and Death Grips as inspirations for the project.

“I know that I’ve done a lot of pink and soft things, a lot of pop and glittery sounds. But for this next era, I’m going in a more masculine direction,” Doja said. She continued: “I feel like we have enough pop-punk artists right now. And if there needs to be more, then let there be more, but I don’t think I’m the one to do it. I want to explore more of a raw, unfiltered, hardcore punk sort of thing. It’s just something that I’m doing for my own personal fun — getting some drummers and guitarists together. And I don’t even know if that’s gonna make it out there.” Check out Doja Cat’s tweets regarding the Illuminati below.



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