The days following Drakeo The Ruler’s stabbing death in Los Angeles have brought multiple theories to light from those closest to the rapper. We heard from his mother earlier this week, who said that her son was “rushed” by forty to sixty people the moment YG walked into the backstage area. In a video showing the fight before Drakeo was stabbed in the neck, many people could be seen wearing 4Hunnid merchandise, which is YG’s brand. Now, Drakeo’s affiliate, rapper K7 The Finesser, is claiming that he thinks YG set up the attack on the late 28-year-old.

K7 says that YG’s crew was allowed to roam backstage with about 70 people, carrying weapons. However, Drakeo was restricted to 15 people on his team and they were all checked for weapons before being escorted inside. K7 thinks that YG had Drakeo killed because he was afraid that the rapper was coming for his spot as one of the top superstars in Los Angeles.

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“I’m speaking facts, bro, YG a real-life b*tch n***a,” said K7 in a live stream. “All them n***as is b*tches. On my momma, YG did some hoe sh*t. If I see cuz, I’m gonna slap the sh*t out that n***a.”

K7 says that YG’s security snuck in knives and other weapons, warning YG that he “can’t perform in LA no more” after this.

“It’s weird because Drakeo tried to f*ck with the Bloods when he got out of jail,” said K7. “N***as is hating. YG a real bitch. Because he knew Drakeo was going to take his spot. He set the whole sh*t up. This sh*t was a setup from the start.”

Watch K7’s video below and let us know what you think. Thus far, YG has not addressed the rumors that he was involved in Drakeo’s attack backstage at the festival this weekend.