JAY-Z hopped onto Alicia Keys’ Twitter Spaces room to chat about the music industry on Tuesday night, giving his thoughts on a potential Verzuz match-up by telling the hundreds in the audience that he believes nobody can stand alongside him on that platform. Since he made the comments, hip-hop fans have been theorizing on who would be best to face-off against the legendary New York rapper, naming artists including Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and more. One fan even mentioned that Eminem might be a good challenger, but not many agree with that.

I’ve seen some bogus names listed as ppl that can beat Jay-Z in a VERZUZ..Dude just said Eminem,” tweeted one person, who clearly did not agree with the proposed battle. 

While there are many people who disagree that Eminem would make a fair challenger for Hov, a similar number of folks are saying that they wouldn’t mind seeing the battle take place.

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With the timeline heating up this morning as plenty of suggestions for JAY-Z’s potential Verzuz appearance arrive, let us know if you think Eminem would be a decent challenger for him. If not, who do you think has the best chance at actually beating Hov in Verzuz?