Enes Kanter Freedom has been having a very hectic season with the Boston Celtics. As you already know, none of this is because of anything associated with basketball. Instead, it all has to do with his political advocacy which has centered around China and COVID-19. Kanter is constantly calling out the likes of LeBron James, and he has even taken aim at some of the most prominent political figures we have. Not to mention, he added “Freedom” to his name because he is trying to make a point.

In terms of his personal life, Kanter has reportedly been dating model Emily Sears behind the scenes. No one really knew about his partnership, however, Sears opted to go public with the relationship just a couple of days ago. According to TMZ, sources are saying that the two have been seeing each other for a couple of months now.

“Bravest person I know,” Sears wrote on her Instagram page. In the photo below, the two were standing next to each other, with Kanter showing off an obvious height advantage. The couple looks pretty happy together, and it’s clear that his political views seemingly have an effect on women. If you’re a political science major, this is probably news to you.

Regardless, it seems as though Kanter is in for a pretty great Holiday season.