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Enoch Darko upgrades after two years of acting in Nigeria

Ghanaian actor and comedian, Enoch Darko, who now identifies as Watabomshell, has shared how acting in Nigeria has helped him better his skill, and outlined some differences between Ghana’s movie industry and the Nigerian movie industry that Ghana can observe and improve on as well.

Speaking on the Late Nite Celebrity Show with eTV Ghana’s award-winning host Foster Romanus, he made these analyses per his observation of the Nigerian movie industry during his two year work stay in the country.

“When I was in Ghana, I was doing stand-up comedy, kids’ funfairs and stuff like that to make some cedis for myself and I wasn’t more into the acting but when I went to Nigeria, I learnt and experienced so many things.

I was out of my zone, I learnt how they work together, their movie system is different from our system, where they sell their movies is different from ours, how they invest in the movie industry is also different. Their hard work, the quality of movies they do and their storyline, everything is different”, he said.

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Enoch mentioned that in Nigeria, anyone who is not officially registered as an actor is not allowed to shoot. “As I went there, they were stopping me from acting so I had to register under their guild. Not that I was attacked, but they stopped me about twice and told me that out here, I need to be registered as an actor before I can be allowed to shoot so my manager got me registered”.

The young actor acknowledged that he has learnt a lot from the Nigerian movie industry, and there is a lot that Ghanaians can learn from them to better our own industry.

Source : Ghanaweb

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