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Fans react to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck caught arguing at 2023 Grammys



Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were seemingly caught arguing during the 65th Grammy Awards held on Sunday, February 5th, in Los Angeles.

In the clip that surfaced the internet, Ben can be seen leaning over to whisper something in Jennifer’s ear, only for her to whip her head around and sternly say something to him. As the On The Floor singer responds to him, Ben frowns. It appears that the singer told him to sit up straight as he immediately straightens up his vest and his posture before it.

Eventually it dawns on them that the whole interaction was caught on camera.

Jennifer rolls her eyes and looks down at the floor before appearing to notice that she and Ben are on camera. She turns her attention to the show’s host, Trevor Noah, and pointedly smiles and laughs at whatever he is saying.

Fans took notice of the moment:


This isn’t the first time the couple was caught bickering in public.

The first incident was shortly after the Marry Me actress’ Today interview, with the couple filmed having what looked like a tense argument at an afterparty for her new movie Shotgun Wedding.

In a clip that quickly went viral on TikTok, Lopez appeared to be visibly annoyed at Ben as he seemingly tries to defend himself and repeatedly says “Jen.” In the instance, Lopez takes a sip of Affleck’s drink, seemingly checking if there was alcohol in it, given Affleck’s history with addiction, per BuzzFeed News.