Fat Joe Blasts Phone-Wielding Fans For Not Being ‘In The Moment’ At Concerts
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Fat Joe Blasts Phone-Wielding Fans For Not Being ‘In The Moment’ At Concerts



Fat Joe has scolded fans who constantly record concerts on their phones, saying in a recent rant that those people “aren’t really in the moment.”

Joe aired out his frustrations on Instagram Live while he was driving, and said fans need to learn to put their devices down and just enjoy the experience happening in front of them.

“If you go to a show, and you pull your camera out and you’re recording, you’re not really in the moment,” Joe said. “You’re recording what’s going on. You’re not enjoying it. If you know how to live in the moment.”

He added: “Put some fire signs if you understand what I’m saying. If you don’t then you lost, because this social media got n-ggas lost.”

Fat Joe isn’t the first rapper to express his frustration with fans and their cell phones. During a rowdy performance at last year’s Wireless Festival in London’s Crystal Palace Park, Lil Uzi Vert took a fan’s phone that had been thrown on his stage and hurled it into the air, allegedly striking another fan in the process.

A “source close to the situation” later told The Shade Room: “During Uzi’s set at Wireless Fest, fans threw multiple cellphones onto the stage and inadvertently struck him. He merely attempted to clear the phones from the stage, avoid slipping and safely continue his performance — he never intentionally directed it at a specific individual.”

Baby Keem also clowned a fan who had thrown their phone on stage, recording multiple trolling videos on the device before somehow returning it to the fan.

“N-gga, why the fuck you throw your phone on the homie’s stage?” Keem asked into the camera while backstage at a show where Kid Cudi‘s “Pursuit of Happiness” was warming up the crowd. “Now your phone mine. Yeah, n-gga. Now your phone is mine.


“How was you planning to get home, my n-gga? Why you throw your phone on the stage, bro? Stop throwing stuff on the stage, bro. Now you can’t get home ’cause I got your phone.”

Later on, Keem can be seen lying on a bed and trolling the fan some more. “CJ, n-gga, you played, bro … Them n-ggas down there listening to [Chief Keef’s] ‘Faneto’ and you don’t have your phone to experience it, n-gga.”

He added: “I’ma give your shit back, and when you see this bro, don’t ever do this shit again, alright? That was really dumb.”

In July, A$AP Rocky was almost struck on stage by a fan’s phone during a show in Latvia, but responded to the moment with a little bit more kindness and understanding. Instead of getting mad, Rocky invited the fan on stage for a hug.

“You almost hit me with that phone and caught my face. You gotta be careful baby,” Rocky is seen saying to the fan with his hand on his shoulder. “I love you too. So you ready to go crazy?…look no more throwing phones man.”