He’s been in the game long enough to have an unending amount of stories under his belt, and this is one that Fat Joe has shared before. The New York rapper emerged into the Hip Hop scene decades ago and has carefully constructed a career that many rising artists would like to emulate. With time and experience comes tales of Hip Hop past, and while visiting Big U for the Checc’n In Podcast, Fat Joe recalled his role in ending the beef between east and west coast rappers all those years ago.

Joe spoke about the meeting with Minister Louis Farrakhan where a select number of artists were allowed to have a discussion about what the heart of the issue really was. He claims he told Ice Cube that the L.A. Rap icon should have been more involved in calming the storm.

“You should have been the n*gga tryin’ to bring the peace. That’s what I was trying to tell him,” he said. “Everybody loves you, you could have set this sh*t up and squashed this.” Apparently, he and Mack 10 showed mutual respect for one another and were committed to spreading positivity.

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“From there, that showed people that New York and L.A. could work together, and we became a bond, and we was doing videos together and working,” he added. “I would like to say that eased the tension between the east coast and west coast. It needed something like that; a Fat Joe, Mack 10, and everybody start working with each other, showing brotherhood and unity.”

Watch Fat Joe on Checc’n In below.