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Foolish and failed men like KOD still squat in houses of their in-laws – Tornado hits back


Renowned Ghanaian Broadcaster, Kofi Kofi Okyere Darko affectionately called KOD has incurred the wrath of former actor with local television series, Afia Schwarzenegger over his criticisms of claims there is power in the name of the dreaded Antoa deity that Jesus Christ Christians worship.

KOD in a post earlier this week described the man who has been widely perceived as a homosexual as a fool who is undeserving of a space on any of his shows either on television or radio.

He questioned who Tornado is in the first place suggesting he has been taken aback such a ‘creature’ is being given some credence.

He wrote “This fool will never have an opportunity to even have a chat with me. The way we give credence to somethings/people. Who’s this one too?”

But Tornado born Emil Wood in response fired several salvos at the fashion stylist taking him to the cleaners wondering what sense he could impart of someone like him.

“Who even said I want to chat with you? Even if I meet you what sensible thing can you say to me? First of all, you live in the family house of your wife. She married you and not the reverse. Your wife used her money to marry you and brought you into her family home. That house you always take posing images and flaunting on social media is not your house but for your wife. Everyone knows she is a seamstress. KOD is an open secret you are not a tailor because you do not sow but you make it appear you are a fashion designer. She sows and you make it appear they are your designs you claim it is your clothing line. All of us know her products feed that your clothing line. You can never give me a good advice because you have nothing to show for”, he fired at him.

Tornado said he would have been bothered if persons like Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the EIB Network, Bola Ray had made such comments because he has proven to be successful but not someone like KOD who had not carved a niche for himself.

“He has nothing to show for as a person and I will not need such a person to advise me”, he disclosed.


Source: Mynewsgh.com

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