Francia Raisa reflects on her reunion with Selena Gomez after six years
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Francia Raisa reflects on her reunion with Selena Gomez after six years



Francia Raisa has recently revealed how she reconnected with Selena Gomez nearly after six years.

In a new interview with USA Today, Raisa shared, “It’s still crazy to me that people were invested in our friendship.”

“I don’t know why the timing happened the way it did, but I remember being in St. Tropez in June and I kept talking about her,” continued the 35-year-old.

Raisa remarked, “We hadn’t spoken much in six years. Especially [in] the last year, we didn’t speak at all.”

“I don’t know why the universe decided this timing … then she reached out and said, ‘Let’s talk’,” she told the outlet.


Reflecting on the beef with Gomez, Raisa clarified, “We have never really had beef with each other. Nothing happened, and if you ask either of us, we don’t know what happened but we needed that time apart.”

“Then when you come back together, you are better people. She and I are still getting to know each other again,” mentioned the How I Met Your father star.

Raisa pointed out that she and Gomez are not dwelling on the alleged feud.

“Obviously, you know, I gave the girl a kidney so everyone felt a certain way and I was asked for years and years and years, ‘Do you regret it?’ and I was like, ‘No, the relationship has always been there.’ There was just a tiff,” added The Wrong Car actress.

For the unversed, Gomez and Raisa first met on the sets of Wizards of Waverly Place and The Secret Life of the American Teenager, respectively.