There is no place for misogyny and racism in 2022. Following a verbal altercation with Dallas-born rapper Asian Doll on a recent episode of the Fresh & Fit podcast, a video has resurfaced showing the co-hosts Myron Gaines and Walter Weekes discussing why they prefer not to date Black women.

“I mean, hey bro, if you wanna date a bunch of Shanequa’s, go for it,” said Myron Gaines in the clip while speaking about the dating app BLK. “Me and Fresh [Walter Weekes] aren’t really down with the brown like that, being night riders. Sometimes if they’re redbone, but I mean, in general, me and Fresh don’t dabble in the dark, if you know what I mean.”

Social media users have been reacting to the resurfaced clip since last night, calling for the Fresh & Fit hosts to be de-platformed. The podcast is described as the number-one show for men to learn about women, finances, fitness, and more. However, people have pointed out a disturbing pattern of the hosts disrespecting Black women, who usually make up the majority of their panels, following the debacle with Asian Doll, which prompted the rapper to calmly walk out and leave.


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In response to the outrage from the resurfaced video of Gaines and Weekes talking about how they don’t like dating Black women, they spewed more racism and misogyny, saying, “When it comes to dating and your personal preferences, no one bats an eye when women say they want a man that’s six feet tall, makes a certain amount of money, blah blah blah, those are considered preferences. But if I say, hey man, I don’t date Black girls like that. ‘Oh, God! How dare you?'”

“My mom’s Black, my sister’s Black, like bro, we just have a preference,” chipped in Weekes.

Gaines went on to ask, if he hates Black women, would he continue to bring Black women onto his show? A Black woman on the panel immediately tried to interject and he shut her down, disrespectfully motioning to her with his hands and saying, “Let me finish.”

Maybe what the hosts of this podcast need are a few months off from the show so they can learn how they’ve contributed to misogyny and heal from their traumas. Not dating Black women isn’t a “preference,” it’s just racist.

Check out the clips below.