The did-he-or-didn’t-he saga between Jermaine Dupri and Jay Z continues. Recently, Jay Z stood accused of thwarting Dupri’s attempts at securing a Super Bowl halftime deal with the NFL, only to ink one of his own with Roc Nation. Both Funk Flex and producer Brian Michael Cox came forward to confirm that information, and Flex even stated that he spoke with Dupri about it one on one.”I JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH JERMAINE DUPRI. HE CONFIRMED THAT WHEN HE WAS WORKING WITH THE NFL LAST YEAR HE DID GET A CALL FROM JAYZ ASKING HIM ‘HOW DEEP ARE U IN WITH THE NFL?’ EXPRESSING… ‘THAT MIGHT NOT BE A GOOD IDEA,'” Flex wrote. However, Dupri shared with Atlanta’s V-103 radio station that he was never in talks with the NFL over a Super Bowl show and Jay didn’t tell him not to do anything.”He and I never had a conversation where he told me don’t do what you’re doing,” Dupri said about Jay. When the denial made the media rounds, Flex shared the video clip of Dupri’s visit to V-103 and accused the mega-producer of going back on his word. “Hahahah! I love you Jermaine for life! NFL / ROCNATION applying that pressure for YOU to backpedal!” Flex wrote in the caption. :(Body Language is everything) ITS WEDNESDAY BRUH? THIS HAPPENED MONDAY? ( I finally understand what Kap / Nessa been Experiencing! )”